Established in 2017 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vancity Wine Club was founded to create a community for wine lovers that are interested in having fun while learning more about different wines from around the world.  Based on the concept of book clubs our goal is to bring people together to challenge our palates, learn a little and discover some of the amazing things that make each wine experience unique. Everyone from beginners to experts are invited to join us, all you need is a desire to learn about wine in a fun casual setting!

Vancity Wine Club meets approximately every 3 months to explore different varietals, regions and pairings.  Our goal is to create an evening of fun and education surrounding food and wine, learn a little, laugh a little and enjoy some great wine!

If you are interested in joining our club or learning more, sign up for our newsletter or just say “hello” by visiting our contact page – we would love to hear from you.