Next Event: Always Bank on Chardonnay

Spring is upon us and we are still in the midst of a Global Pandemic and I don’t know about you all but I am ready for a fun get together even if that means we will still be connecting virtually.

The theme for this event is going to be a varietal specific look at the world most widely planted white grape – Chardonnay!

Now ….. let’s address the elephant on this page as some of you might be thinking “but I don’t like Chardonnay”.  I want to stop you there and issue a challenge – I think we can find a style of this very diverse varietal to suit everyone.

if you join us for this wine event, but are unsure what you like or if you like this varietal simply mention that in your RSVP and I will provide some guidelines for styles and specific recommendations (Like I said I think there is a style of this grape for everyone).  Bring one of these (or your favourite if you are already a Chardonnay lover) to the event and let’s taste, learn and explore this fascinating wine together!

DATE: May 15th 2021
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Virtual 

To download our tasting note template for the event, use the link below: