Our Inaugural Vancity Wine Club event was held on January 1st 2017 and was a blind tasting comparing 3 different varietals from both an “old world” location and a “new world location”.

This is a great way to learn about some difference showcased by the terroir and wine making style even within the same grape varietal.

Each wine was tasted blind then given a tasting note and score by the group. Here are the wines we tasted and the order they were served:

“greeting wine”: Bottega Gold Prosecco, Italy

Sauvignon Blanc:
1. Chateau de Sancerre, France
2. The Ned, New Zealand

Pinot Noir:
3. Joseph Faiveley Bourgogne, France
4. Meiomi, California

5. Les Meysonniers Crozes-Hermitage, France
6. Fowles – Are you Game, Australia


Overall the groups “favourite wines were the Syrah’s both from France and Australia.  In terms of the Pinot Noir the group had a clear winner in the Meiomi from California over the more traditional style Pinot from Burgundy.  The Meiomi is an interesting juxtaposition with a Burgundian Pinot as it has richer bolder dark fruit flavours and spice.  This contrasts a more traditional Pinot Noir from Burngundy that tends to be fruit forward with black cherry, currant and berry flavous.