Wines of Italy Event Summary

We opened with a “crowd pleaser” Prosecco, the Bottega Gold.  If you are ever wanting to bring a great value sparkling that everyone will enjoy this should make your list!  After Prosecco we moved on to a lesser known Italian white varietal a Cortese from Piedmont.  A lovely white with bright acidity balanced with citrus and stone fruit.  I wanted to showcase some of the more indigenous varietals and show the members what is out there besides Pinot Grigio in the world of Italian whites.  Our reds then got a bit interesting as the first a Barbera from Piedmont really tore the crowd…. Some really liked it, some really did not – but that is wine for you, so much subjectivity and ultimately it is what you like and want to drink!  This Barbera would be great to pair with Pizza or BBQ!  Things really picked up with wine number 4 as most of the group really enjoyed this one, a great Chianti with medium body and fine tannins.  This wine is well balanced and great to be enjoyed on its own or with food – think grilled meat or pasta in a tomato sauce.  The last two wines were shown back to back on purpose and were both scored quite well by the group.  Wine 5 was a Ripasso and wine 6 an Amarone.  It was interesting to really showcase these two back to back and appreciate all the efforts that go into making a wine like Amarone.  Though while we all really enjoyed and appreciated this wine, we are also realistic that the price point probably doesn’t put it in our everyday drinking category…. And that is where the Ripasso comes in!  A Ripasso takes the pomace of leftover grape skins and seeds from the fermentation of Amarone are added to the batch of Valpolicella wines for a period of extended maceration.  These wines are sometimes nicknamed “Baby Amarone” and provide some great value for those who love the characteristics of an Amarone but maybe can’t afford the price tag.  Overall the group had a great time exploring just a little bit of what Italy has to offer in the world of wine, maybe another time we can further explore a region or style!

The groups average score for each of the wines tasted were as follows:


THE WINE                                               THE GROUP SCORE
1. Bottega Prosecco Gold                                     4.1/5
2. Gavi Araldica 2015                                            3.3/5
3. Barbera D’Alba 2014                                         2.5/5
4. Nipozzano Reserva Chianti Rufina 2013        3.6/5
5. Folonari Valpolicella Ripasso 2015                  3.6/5
6. Tedeschi Amarone 2012                                   3.9/5