Hello wine lovers!

Here is my annual recap of the Vancouver International Wine Festival. The 2019 host region was California.

California Wines did a great job from the set up and décor including giant hot air balloons to of course a diverse selection of wines from across the state….. not just Napa!

My tactic was to focus on the host region and really explore some producers that I was less familiar or unfamiliar with and it was definitely worthwhile as I have some new “favourites” to add to my list.

If you are curious what was a highlight for me….. here they are (in no particular order):

Hope Family Vineyards (California)– the Treana Chardonnay and both the Treana and Austin Hope Cabernets were wonderful!

Sebastiani Chardonnay (California) – I will be sipping this again for sure (especially since we bought one at the festival!)

Black Stallion Chardonnay (California) – a great expression of chardonnay and not too overpowering, great balance

Outlot (California) – what a “hidden” gem….. I say hidden as I had never had anything by this producer and boy was I impressed. Both the Chardonnay and the Cabernet are a must try!

Calvet (France) – while I spent most of the time exploring California this producer from France had some great wines. The Rose from Provence, Chateau Saint Germain and Vieux Chateau Des Combes were all great.

Stina (Croatia) – the Posip and the Red Cuvee – interesting (and of course delicious)

Culmina (BC) – this Okanagan producer had some great wines – it has been added to the “must visit in the Okanagan” list, so if you get a chance go pat them a visit!

There are my highlights….. while there was much more that was enjoyed I tried to limit the list to the ones that really stood out!

Next year…… Vive la France!